Remove Security Shield Windows 7

If you do see on your PC some program called "Security Shield" then you have to know this is a really bad program. It is a virus one (a malware) that is coming from the same family as System Tool and Security Tool.

Like others rogue threats, your PC might get infected by such malware the moment you will try some fake online scanner. Another way is if you're surfing a fake webpage that will compromise your system. Besides any viruses part of your system right now can download and install such malware without even you know aware of that.

Such kind of malware (like Security Shield) will start by doing a total system scan of your computer. Expect then to have a full report claiming your PC is really infected.

To further claim to be able to clean your PC from those infections, this application (Security Shield) will ask you to buy some fake full version of it.

Simply don't buy anything. Doing so will result you losing both your money and personal information. Consider the full version to be some scam, useless and not working application.

The moment you're aware your system has been infected by this program, check how you can remove Security Shield from your PC.

There are 2 main methods: first is the manual removal of this threat; then you have the automatic removal too.

Security Shield

Security Shield