How To Remove Avasoft Antivirus Professional

Avasoft Antivirus Professional is a virus that shows false virus scans and false warning messages. The makers of this malware attempt to trick the user into thinking this is real antivirus software. The program will limit what the user can do on the computer until the end user either makes a purchase of the virus […]

ICE Cyber Crimes Center Is The Cyber Crime

A new threat has just hit this week. This new malware client is called ICE Cyber Crimes Center. Odds have it that this client will infect a lot of computers. A similar threat called FBI MoneyPak made the rounds the last few months and it infected tens of millions of computers. To remove this virus […]

FBI MoneyPak Removal

A computer virus called FBI MoneyPak has hit the streets. Like many other malware clients this one is well thought out. The warnings given off say it’s from the FBI and that they are after you. If the end user has a web cam installed then this software will turn it on and take a […]